Are ladies purses the hottest selling items

Are ladies purses the hottest selling items

Ladies purses are one

of the fastest selling items in any shop, whether it is a small stall

in a tourist area or a high end designer shop. Ladies have a penchant

for matching their outfit with their purses. Ladies purses come

in a variety of styles. For example, a hobo bag is a crescent shaped

bag, tote bags are an all purpose fashion bags, satchel bags are huge

bags with two short handles, messenger bags are rectangular bags with a

long strap to go across the chest and so on. Ladies from all walks of

society and from different economic strata like to change their purses

depending on the occasion they are attending. A hobo bag is perfect for

a trip to the mall, a satchel is what is needed when you are

travelling, a messenger bag is what teenagers like to carry to school

and a clutch is what every woman likes to carry to a party.


tote bag is a fashion bag that can be carried by a lady for any casual

occasion. It is a year round companion for a lady and comes in a

variety of sizes and materials. Tote bags can be made from denim,

canvas, and synthetics such as polyester and in leather. You can choose

the size based on your requirements. If it is for your daily chores, a

medium sized tote which can fit in your personal items along with a

bottle of water would do. Choose a material you like. Canvas is light

and durable and washable while synthetic totes are fine for a day at

the beach although the size would have to be bigger in order to fit in

a beach towel, water bottle etc.

Leather tote bags are

the most professional looking tote bags that can be carried to work. A

medium sized tote bag with compartments and a top zip will nicely fit

into the work attire without looking loud and casual. What’s more, if

there is a need to rush to a social gathering soon after work, this bag

adapts itself beautifully to the need. Falling perfectly in this

category is the Fossil Executive glazed leather top zip tote. This is a

medium sized tote that can hold your wallet, sunglasses, a laptop, a

magazine and a small umbrella! If your laptop is of a larger size, do

not worry. The bag can expand to hold your laptop without any stress to

the seams. Dual shoulder straps are big enough to go over your shoulder

on top of a jacket. In addition to a back wall zip pocket there are

other multifunctional slip pockets on the inside and slip compartments

on the outside. A convenience that will let you organise your personal

items without the frustrating hunt for things! This tote bag comes with

a platform bottom which is an immensely convenient feature which allows

you to put down the bag without toppling whenever you need to.

Available in chocolate colour, and red, this bag can be matched with

any outfit. With just the right amount of stiffness, the tote bag

maintains its shape without slouching. Priced competitively this

leather tote is a must have in every working woman’s wardrobe.


are always at the top of the list for their style and sophistication. A

clutch is a strapless purse that is generally small enough to be held

in hand. Available in different materials like leather, silk, and man

made materials clutches come in a variety of designs and styles for

formal and casual occasions. While gold and silver clutches are by far

the most popular around the world, printed and sequinned clutches have

a good market too. If you love jungle prints but feel you are too old

to be carrying animal print hobo bags or tote bags like the teenagers

do, then the animal print handbags is

the right choice for you. The Traci bags animal print clutch is an

elegant clutch made from ‘hair on hide’ leather in exotic zebra and

cheetah prints. The clutch is conveniently designed with a magnetic

snap closure and inner zipper pockets to hold your personal items such

as your keys, wallet and a cell phone. Coordinate with an all black out

fit and matching animal print shoes and make a stunning appearance

without overdoing the animal print matching. Who can say that sequinned

and metallic clutches are the only ones to give a final kick to your


It is probably more common to see a lady frantically

hunting for her car keys in her handbag than it is to see a man do the

same! It is a common complaint from every man, that important things

get buried under a clutter of items in his wife’s handbag. If you

belong to the same bandwagon then what you need is the organizer handbag.

Organizer bags come in different shapes, styles and designs. The

Anuschka mini sling organizer is an amazing piece of perfection

striking the right balance between art and functionality. Don’t be

embarrassed if your jaw drops at the sight of abstract art depicted in

muted colours and hues on the exterior! Made from cow hide this piece

is unique because no two pieces are alike. Hand painted on the

exterior, the magic continues in to its practicality. This organizer

which comes with a detachable strap of 14′ has a flap cover, with a

mirror under the flap and a magnetic closure. What looks ‘mini’

actually expands into two compartments with a zippered partition pocket

and 8CC pockets in addition to a rear framed coin pocket. So, there is

a pocket for your loose change, one for your lipstick, one for your

cell phone, another for your hair brush, a separate key fob, and space

for a notebook and pen. Next time, you go out, forget the hunting for

things in your purse and step out in confidence in your mini sling


Ladies purses have evolved in to a status where

dresses are made to match the purse. Pick your purse of fancy by

shopping on line, at a price that won’t cost you an arm and still look

a million bucks!

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