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Exercise Tips for Teenagers

Exercise is essential during the teenage years. It helps teens maintain a healthy weight, strengthen their bodies, and release stress. Regardless of the exercise purpose http://cheapcoachfactoryoutletonline.weebly.com/, whether it to stay healthy, lose weight, or add strength, there are plenty of workout options for achieving any goal. Exercise is not only helpful and healthy; it can also be very enjoyable. The following exercise tips will make the time spent exercising both fun and beneficial.

One option for exercise is to join a team or club. Whether a running club, football team, or badminton group, there are many advantages to being a member of a team instead of working out individually.

-Sports and clubs provide accountability. It is harder to back out of a commitment when it means letting other people down. Without a partner or group it may be tempting to cancel exercise appointments, but with support it is easier to stay on track.

-Having matches to play in or goals to word toward can make exercise be less boring. Playing a sport on a team will allow for vigorous aerobic exercise while still having fun.

-It is a good way to make new friends. Teams and clubs allow for a chance to meet new people and begin friendships based around a similar interest.

-Trying something new. Try a unique activity such as yoga or squash. Most fitness centres off a huge variety of options, so regardless of whether a person loves sports there is sure to be something of interest to them.

Another form of exercise that many teens are interested in is strength training. Strength building builds muscular strength and can also increase endurance. Keep in mind the following advice so that time spent strength training is safe and effective.

-Using exercises that rely on person own body weight such as push ups, crunches http://cheapcoachfactoryoutletonline.weebly.com/#2, and squats is a good way to strength train because it doesn require any special equipment.

-When working out and using a gym strength training equipment, be sure to have a trainer or coach demonstrate proper techniques to avoid injuring muscles.

-Power lifting that requires an explosive movement is not recommended for teens because it places too much stress on one specific area of the body and can lead to muscle damage.

-Track progress when strength training. To make your training times effective keep a chart and try to increase number of repetitions.

Find ways to exercise that can be incorporated into a daily schedule. For teenagers who are involved in many activities and busy with school, work, or a part-time job, setting aside large amounts of time for daily exercise may be unrealistic. There are many ways to add exercise to any part of the day and help a teen stay fit.

-Walk or bike to school or work if possible instead of driving or riding in a car. Spending twenty minutes or a half an hour walking or biking each day is a great way to easily get quality exercise.

-If there is no local gym or fitness centre located close by, look for exercise DVDs or online videos of exercise programs to watch. This saves time travelling to a gym, as well as the expenses that are usually involved with going to a fitness centre and is a great option for people with busy schedules. Following along to exercise DVDs or online videos can be done at any time of the day, giving a person no excuse not to exercise.

-Choose weekend activities that incorporate exercise. Instead of sitting at the movies go bowling or dancing or walk around a shopping centre. The more movement, the better in terms of being healthy.

-Offer to do family chores that are more physically rigorous. Vacuum the house, rake the yard or mow the grass http://cheapcoachfactoryoutletonline.weebly.com/#4, or walk the dog. All of these activities, that need to be done anyway, require energy and if done intentionally can be a good workout.

Exercise is extremely important for both physical and mental health in teenagers. Hours spent at a computer or in front of a television screen can slow metabolisms and cause teens to become overweight and unhealthy. With just a few simple changes, exercise can be an easy and fun part of any weekly routine.

Euan Blair writes for FirstPoint USA, specialists in hockey scholarships.

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